When should I update the platform and how do I do it?

Shoutem platform is a concept we introduced with the newest version of the Shoutem app builder.

Shoutem platform allows extension developers to know that their extension will stay functional even if something changes in Shoutem’s underlying service layers.

The answer to this question, it all depends on whether or not you have custom extensions installed in your app.

If NO:

Upgrade the Shoutem platform and all your Shoutem extensions to the latest version regularly.


Test your custom app with the latest version of the Shoutem platform before upgrading.

The easiest way to do the test?

  • Clone your app
  • Upgrade the Shoutem platform to the latest version in the cloned app
  • Preview the app in the builder, or, use the Disclose to preview it

All good and as expected? Good to go! You can safely upgrade the Shoutem platform in your original app

Problems? Breaking changes using the upgrade with your cloned app?

  • Make appropriate changes to your extensions
  • Re-test until all issues are resolved and then update your Shoutem platform

Not sure if you have a custom extension? Not to worry…

A warning popup window will let you know if you have unsupported custom extensions installed when you try to upgrade the Shoutem platform.

How to update the Shoutem platform

Once you have opened your app in the builder, if there are any pending Shoutem platform updates, you will see a yellow dot as an indicator next to the Settings tab icon.

Follow the builder’s indication and navigate to the Settings → Shoutem platform section.

Click on the INSTALL button to start the platform upgrade – it will take a couple of seconds to complete. If there are any extensions to update afterwards, you should update those as well.


With each platform release, we share release notes. Apart from bug fixes and various improvements, if there are any new feature releases, you can find out in the platform’s release notes.

Heads-up! If your app is already published in the Stores, a platform update is considered a binary change so your app will need to be resubmitted afterwards.

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