Age Restriction Feature

Age restrict your app in a few easy steps.

Some apps, especially the ones that have content that promotes the use of cannabis, require an age restriction to alert the users that they need to be of a certain age to be able to access the app’s content that is aimed at a mature audience only. App owners can now implement our Age Restriction feature to achieve that and assure that the users are alerted about the mature content.

Install the Age Restriction feature

Go to Extensions → click on the + button → search Age Restriction → click the Install button.

Since this extension cannot be added as a screen in the Screens tab, we should just go ahead and configure it in the Settings tab.

Configure Age Restriction extension

Once you have installed the extension, go to Settings → Age Restriction to add the Privacy Policy & Terms of Service URL, as well as the background image of your Age Restriction screen.

In the Required age to view app content section, define how old your users must be to be allowed to access the app. The age restriction is set to 21 by default.

Background image must be 1080x1920px in jpg or png format, and URLs need to contain https:// and need to be working properly.

If you have onboarding pages and/or mandatory login, the Age Restriction screen will display first and it will not repeat if the user clicks to confirm their age.

Customize the Age Restriction’s theme & text

Age Restriction has separate theme settings which can be found in Style → Age Restriction. You can change the colour of the title, description, buttons, and more.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service text will be bolded by default and will be clickable – by clicking on this text, the app will take the user to the in-app web view where they will be able to read your policies.

Another customization option lies in the Language & Region section where you can download the default language file of the app and translate App Restriction extension’s strings:

Use an online tool such as JSONlint to make sure that the strings are properly edited and to validate your translation file. To learn more about app translation, please check our Multi-language App support article.

For anything else, don’t forget to reach out to our Support Team!

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