Privacy policy URL for submitted apps

Privacy Policy URL is required when submitting apps to Google Play and the Apple App Store.

If you don’t have the Privacy Policy document online, any online privacy policy generator will do the trick. Here are a few services that can generate it for you:

Google Play and the Apple App Store guidelines are very clear, details can be found on their official support pages:

Once you have the privacy policy, you can save it somewhere on your web page or anywhere online where the document will be available to the public so anyone can access it and read. Please keep in mind Google docs link is not an option.

Don’t forget to save the link into the Privacy Policy URL field of the Store metadata section for Android and iPhone of your Shoutem app dashboard (Settings > Store metadata).

Apps that use Kumulos

Apps with Kumulos extension need to include the following pieces of information in Privacy Policy:

Reason: why the permission to access the users’ location is needed and under what conditions the location is used

Disclosures: will location data of the user be disclosed to the third party

User Rights: what rights users have, ie. how they can opt-out of giving this permission (they can enable or disable access to location at any time, through device settings)

Google Play Requirements

Starting August 2022, all apps need to have a Privacy Policy link included somewhere on the app. To achieve this, you can add a Web View screen with the URL to the policy. Alternatively, if you have registrations enabled, add the policy URL in the GDPR section.

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