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Pages are designed to bring more options in terms of app structuring as well as new design options. These pages are used instead of the regular folders, and unlike their predecessor they do allow for nesting, meaning that you are able to place the new pages under each other, and in this way, provide a deeper content structure.

Let's take a look at how this changes things in regards to the home screen design. Usually, you would have one folder, that could have a number of items inside, and be expandable. Instead, by adding pages, you are able to nest multiple pages under the main one, and in this way provide better categorization under one single icon. Please be advised not to go deeper than that in terms of nesting pages.

So now, instead of having Recipes and Stories as separate folders on our apps' home screen, we can insert them into one master page, and provide the Recipes and Stories as separate sections of the new page.

Once configured, the actual composite page design is very similar to the regular folder one. It includes a description box, image gallery and contained item icons. The difference here is again the fact that the actual items can be additional pages. Also, you have an option of defining the type of contained icons structure. You can choose from the regular list or a grid composed out of a custom number of columns.


The last unique option that the new composite page provides is the ability to connect your news collection/news feed, to the bottom of the composite page. This is a nice addition in case you want to mix things up. Clicking the composite page from the item menu on the left, within the design section of the app builder, will expose the regular options you can change, as well as the dropdown menu which will allow you to select a news feed you want to connect to this page.

In case you have any additional questions in regards to this feature, or just need a piece of friendly advice on how to use the same, feel free to contact us.
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