Scheduled push notifications

Scheduled push notifications are another one of our new features, that upgrade the classic push notifications module, with more usability options. Instead of having to be present within the app builder, to be able to send out the push notification, you can use this feature to schedule the notification to go out on a specific date and time.

It's a great tool that makes time management easier, in case you're dealing with more push notifications on a weekly basis, or just want to plan ahead.

To do so, go to Engage -> Push notifications section, and click the + New button, to create a new notification. Now, you should see that in addition to the old parameters, you can now select desired time/date for this push notification to trigger.

Under Delivery date and time, select the Scheduled option, and tap on the field below, to select the preferred date/time of the delivery. Click the save button after.


Now that you've scheduled your notification, you can see it's status in the main list. Also, in case you change your mind, or you need to make some adjustments, clicking on it will bring up the editing menu, allowing you to do exactly that.

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