Push notification groups

Push notification groups are a great addition to the regular push functionality, available in our platform. As the name suggests, the most notable addition here is the option of sending out push notifications to specific groups of your user base, instead of everyone who uses the app.

Users themselves can opt into any of the available groups, per their preference. For the time being, manual user group modifications aren't available for the app owner.

In this article, we'll show you how to set up, and use the described feature. That being said, you will need to contact our support team prior to this process, to enable the required functionality for your account.

Setup process

First, go to the content section of the app builder, and add the Settings module. It should be located in the bottom of the content types list. This module is used for a variety of things and in combination with other modules. Here, we'll use it to set up an interface where your users can subscribe to one of the groups.

Once added, click on it within the same page, to open up the configuration page. There, click on the " +New" button, and select Push notification groups from the list.
Once you've selected this, and named the new Groups section, you can go back to the design section of the app builder, and place the Settings module to the screen. This will provide you with a dedicated part of the app, where your users can subscribe to the preferred group. Now would be a good time to create a few groups, your users can choose from.

Go to Engage -> Push notifications -> Groups, like on the screenshot below, and click the +Add button.

A popup window will appear, where you will be able to name your new group, and assign a custom icon to the same. This icon will appear as a part of the push notification once it is delivered to the user device. You may want to use this to make it more recognizable, which group does this notification belong to, in case the user is subscribed to more groups.

Once you set up your push groups, your users will be able to subscribe from the Settings module, that we previously placed to the home screen. It will look similar to this :


At this point, everything should be set up correctly, and all that's left to do now is test the new system. Just like sending out a regular push notification, go to Engage -> Push Notifications -> +New.
However, now you should see a new parameter, allowing you to specify which group(s) should receive the notification. Select one or more, and send out the notification.

This covers the entire process. In case any questions appear, feel free to send them over to our team at support@shoutem.com.
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