How can I configure a home screen gallery

With this feature, you can configure a carousel of image backgrounds to slide on the home screen of your app. Here is how you can configure it.

To enable the carousel, go to "Graphics" tab on the "Design-Smartphone" page in the builder. Slide down to "Home screen" section and click "Enable gallery."

Once the gallery is enabled, you will see controls you can use to modify its behavior.

By toggling "Auto-slide images" you can choose whether the gallery images will be automatically rotated. If this option is not checked, images are slidable manually. If it is checked, you can also set the frequency of the auto slider.

You can add up to 4 images (for each screen size respectively) that will be rotating in your home screen carousel.

For each image, you can select a URL of a web page that will be opened on tap. This can be useful for advertising. You can configure whether this page will be opened in the external browser and whether the navigation toolbar will be displayed.

When you finish configuring your home screen carousel, you can see how it looks and feels in the builder preview or in the Mobilizer.

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