Separator module

Mostly used to achieve a better effect in app design, separators are a great way to give your app the unique look or allow you to organize your app further. Simply put, separators act as a spacing block that you can use while building your app.

Similar to the Page-type of a module, separators are available to be used, as soon as you create your app, and can be found within the Design section of the app builder. 

In general, separators will act as an empty icon, taking up one icon place inside of your app layout. Very useful if you want to create more spacing between icons, or just modify the current layout setup, to emphasize other icons more. Take a look at how separators are modifying the design in the examples below :

You can also use the same approach with the slide-in menu type of layout. Here's how it looks :

In case you have any questions in regards to this module, that weren't answered here, or you just need some examples of good separator usage, feel free to contact us.

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