Special Deals module

Our Special Deals module allows you to create deals (coupons) or special offers for your customers. Not only does this serve as a great marketing channel, but the benefits here go both ways, as both you and your users are getting the added value from your mobile app.

To add Special Deals module in your app:
  1. Sing in into your ShoutEm account
  2. Click on Content
  3. Click Add Content
  4. Choose Special Deals

    5. Set the name for you Special Deals collection or leave default name.

    6. To add a deal, click on Add item

    7. Once you've created new item you can add following:
  • Title - Name of the deal
  • Description - Introduce your service or product to your customer
  • Valid from  - Here you need to set the time period when this deals is available. You can choose dates and days when the deal is available
  • Availability - Here you can set the deal to be available for "All day" or "Between" option. Between option enables to your deals to be available for specific time period in the day
  • Time zone - You can set the time zone for your deal, so for example, if you are stationed on the West coast, you can set the deal to be available at specific time at East cost
  • Regular price - Here you can enter the regular price of your product or service and choose currency
  • Discounted price - In this field, enter the discount price of your product or service 
  • Display discount - Choose how you want the discount to be displayed. You can choose to display it as percentage or amount of money
    8. After adding all information from above, you can define  Claim/redeem process
  • Claim/redeem process - Here you can choose do you want for your deal to be redeem or not. If this option is enabled, users will be available to redeem the deal. If it's disabled, the deal will only serve to inform the users about the offer.
  • Coupon expires in - If you set, for example, 24 hours, the deal will not be available once 24 hours are passed
  • Number of coupons  - You can limit the number of coupons or you can set 0 as a value and there will be unlimited number of coupons
  • Buy URL - If your deal is available on your website or anywhere on web, you can add its URL
  • Buy link title - Set the name for your Buy URL

    9. On last step, you can add following items under  Attachments:
  • Image - Add image of your deal to get attention from your customers and to make deal visually more attractive
  • Custom barcode - You can upload custom barcode and track all redeemed deals or you can use our unique barcode
  • Webiste -  If you want to add URL of your website, you can add it here
  • Location - You can assign deal to one of your created locations and once the user opens the location, deal will be displayed at that specific location

    10. And for the final step, do not forget to click on " Save" button.

Note that you can create a different sections for your deals by clicking on " +" next to the "All" option. 

Once you create the deal, you can assign it to multiple sections. For example, let's say you will have monthly deals. Let's say you want for "20% off for haircut!" deal to be available in April and June. 

Simply click on sections right next to deal and select in which of the section you want this deal to be active.

Once you've added your deal into your app, it will be displayed like in the screenshots below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Special deal can only be redeemed once per user account

The code generated with each redeemed coupon is unique. There is a letter/number combination code as well as barcode as in attached image. 

When the deal is redeemed the merchant is given a barcode and corresponding coupon code to track redemptions. How merchants and business decide to handle these redemptions at the point of sale is entirely up to them, we only offer the tools by which to deliver the deals.

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