Multi-card loyalty feature

Our Multi-card loyalty program will equip you with a great tool designed to boost your user engagement, broaden your user base, and improve your client retention. Easy and understandable design / user flow is exactly what you need if you're looking to bring more appeal to your app.

Here's how the feature works in detail, and how to set it up :

To add the loyalty feature, go to Content. Click Add content -> Loyalty, and select Multi Card Loyalty Program.

Here we have two tabs.


Here you can choose which actions will be rewarded with points.
Visit is rewarded with PIN verification from the cashier, and social check-in requires user to be physically present at the location. Little cog next to social check-in sets the distance and time constraints.

Additional actions can be set to bring extra points for every check-in.
Social share URL is a link to page which will be shared with check-ins shared on social media.


You can enable loyalty for each place by ‘Enable’ next to it.

Each place has its own Rewards, Cashiers, and can have its own rules.

If custom point rules aren’t set, default loyalty settings are applied.


If custom point rules are enabled, they override the default settings in ‘Setting’ tab.

In the Design tab, simply drag and drop Places from the content pop up window to your menu and your loyalty app is ready to go.
Note that you can't have single and multi-card loyalty feature enabled at the same time.



Multi-card Loyalty Program [video]

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