Single-card loyalty feature

Single-card loyalty module allows you to create a loyalty system, based on one loyalty card. This is a perfect tool to use in case you want to incentivise your users further, or just bring in an additional segment of functionality to your app. This module is perfect in case you want to run strictly one loyalty program. In case you're interested in running multiple loyalty setups within one app, check our Multi-card loyalty feature.

To add the loyalty module, go to Content. Click Add content -> Loyalty.

Here we have 3 tabs.

Loyalty points

Here you define how many points each check-in brings, for example, 50. You can also set how many points is a purchase worth.



In the Cashiers tab, you designate cashiers who can add points to your customers account. The owner of the app is the admin and can not be deleted. Each cashier gets his own cashier (PIN) code.



This is how you add a reward.
Put a title, description, validation time and amount of loyalty points that are required to redeem it.
If you a have limited amount of rewards, put that number in, when that number is reached and all rewards are redeemed, that reward will no longer be visible to the customer.


This is how they look. Rewards marked red are not visible to your customer. This one is red because it's validation period expired.


If you want to restart your loyalty program, just disable this feature. Please note that when you remove Loyalty section from your content, all data will be removed: rules, rewards and administrators. Your loyalty users will also lose all points they earned. So use this only when you want to reset your loyalty program and start from scratch. 
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