Privacy policy for apps submitted to the App Store & Google Play Store

App Store Review Guidelines require that apps that collect, transmit, or have the capability to share personal information (e.g. name, address, email, location, photos, videos, drawings, the ability to chat, other personal data, or persistent identifiers used in combination with any of the above) from a minor must comply with applicable children's privacy statutes, and must include a privacy policy.
More on it here -> Learn more on Apple Developer Center 

Similarly, Google Play requires a privacy policy for all apps that expose private data.
More on it here -> Learn more on Google Play

In other words, this means that if your application has the Social network module, you will need to generate a privacy policy that is available publicly (on the website) and add it to its predefined field in the Settings -> Publish Info section

Also you will need a privacy policy if you plan to integrate your Shoutem app with Facebook.

Any online privacy policy generator will do the trick, and here are a few links to a few services that generate it for you:

Once you have the privacy policy, you can save it somewhere on your web page (a Google docs link is also an option) and paste the link in the Privacy policy URL field of the Publish Info section of your Shoutem app dashboard (Settings > Publish Info).

This page we will attach when submitting your app to stores.

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