Events module

The Events feature lets you create a list of events, including dates/times and more information from scratch (manually).
Also, you can sync an existing calendar by providing a valid iCal link, which is also available through Google Calendar.

There are three options to create events:

  1. Add Calendar (manual entries) - This option allows you to create a calendar from scratch, using ShoutEm's custom calendar builder
  2. Sync Calendar from iCal URL - Any valid, publicly hosted iCal URL can be synced with our Events module. If you're looking to created this public link, the easiest way to do so is via Google Calendar.
  3. Import from Eventbrite or Songkick
Details on how to import events can be found in related section below. We'll take a look at the process of creating one event manually.

There are several fields you will need to populate, so let's go through those below :

Name - Name of the event
Featured - By default, events are listed by the starting times, starting with the events with the closest date. Activating this option will force this place to the top of the list, regardless of the starting time/date
Description - Text description for this event
Start time - Starting date and time. Also, you can specify the time zone that was used for the Start/End dates
End time - Time and date of the event closure
Use Device Timezone - Selecting this option will force the event date/time that you entered, in the user's current Time zone. While not selected, event times will be calculated into the user device times
Image - Leading image for an event. You can either upload an image here, or paste the URL to the wanted image
Place - In case you want to attach one of the locations, created through the Places module, you can do this from here. Simply click on the field, and choose on of the previously created places
RSVP link - This is a web link you can attach to your event. While it's named RSVP, you don't have to use this field to link to a web service where users can RSVP. Instead, you can use this for whatever reason it suits you.

Once you have created your events, they should look similar to the images below :

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