Loyalty FAQ

1. What is the main difference between single card and multi card loyalty program?

Our loyalty program includes a module for collecting points and redeeming rewards. 
In a single card program, all points are collected to one ‘card’, no matter whether they’re collected from one or more places.
In multi card, as the name says, you can have several completely separate cards, connected to a certain location, and each one with it’s own points, rules and rewards.

2. I have a small business with several stores, can I handle it with a single card loyalty?

Yes, this can be handled via single-card loyalty program. However, in this case, all of the stores would be using the same, unique interface to collect points or spend them on rewards.
This means that the loyalty program would be unified and not relevant to the specific stores or stores locations.
If you wish your points to be separated for each place, you should use multi-card loyalty.

3. I am running an online agency which covers loyalty programs for different stores in area. What is the perfect setup for me?

Perfect setup for different stores would be our multi card loyalty program. That way you can have separate loyalty program for each store (place) with it’s own rules for collecting points and rewarding. It’s like having several single card loyalty programs in one app.

4. I want purchases in my loyalty program to be somehow confirmed. Is this possible?

Yes. There is a setting that requires the cashier to enter his PIN in order for user to collect points. Each cashier has his own PIN, and in multi card program, you can set that option for each place individually.

5. I want to make the best use of social media with my loyalty program. What do I need to do?

You can reward your customers for attaching the photo and sharing to Facebook and Twitter. These can be set within the loyalty module for each place separately.

6. When I add single card loyalty program to my content, it creates an icon which I can add to my app’s home screen. How do I add multi card program to my home screen?

Since multi card loyalty program is tied to a list of places, adding that list to the home screen will also add the loyalty module. The best thing would be to create a category of places which will hold all loyalty places, and then add that category to the home screen.

7. Can I integrate my already existing loyalty program / setup into your own?


8. Can I manually edit a specific user's point state?

Yes, in the builder, go to Engage -> Analytics -> Loyalty -> Users, and click on the pencil icon next to the user you want to edit.

9. How can I monitor my cashiers and which checkins are they validating?

In the ShoutEm builder, go to Engage -> Analytics -> Loyalty -> Cashiers.

10. I created a few rewards for my loyalty program, but none of them appear in the app, where are they?

If your rewards are visible in the content, but in the app, check it’s validation period. If validation period for a reward has expired or hasn’t started yet, it will not be visible in the app, (and in the content will be marked red).


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