Why is my app not submitted?

Our publishing team does the initial application review before the app is published to stores, and occasionally we may stumble upon some issues. That, based on our experience with Apple, will most certainly lead to a rejection from the Apple App Store review team. When it comes to Google Play Store, their review process is not as strict, so usually, apps get rejected only for specific technical reasons. In case we find the app not ready for submission, we will contact you with specific guidelines about what could be the problem with your application.

We strongly suggest you check the following points in order to resolve any possible issues and increase your approval chances, and let us know when you are done, so we can do another review of the application in question.

Please first do the following:

  • Check if your app has all of the required imagery, found under Design -> Graphics
  • Check if your app has all of the required publish info, under Settings -> Publish Info, for both platforms

After you are certain that all the publishing information and graphics were added, please take these points into consideration also:

  • The app that has very little content or very bad design will never pass the Apple App Store review.
  • The app must not rely completely on websites or news. You should do your best to provide lasting content for your app.
  • You need to ensure that the content inside the application is not too explicit, alcohol, guns or drug-related
  • The app must not be in test or beta state, like having dummy text or placeholders for images or content and having Beta or Test as a part of the name or the description of the app
  • There should be no references, text or imagery for Android or any other brand inside the app
  • If you plan on implementing donation links inside the app, they can only open in the external browser, as both platforms prohibit such links from opening inside the app.

NOTICE - please check your Spam folder to ensure that our publishing team has not contacted you and that you have simply missed our e-mail.

In case of any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us.

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