Wordpress integration

Our Wordpress plugin allows you to easily integrate Wordpress posts to your app.

On your Wordpress based site administration panel:

1. Log in as administrator to your WP based site

2. In the left menu click Plugins

3. When the Plugins administration page is opened, click on Add new   

4. Enter Shoutem as a search term for plugins and click on the  Search plugins button.

5. In search results, you should be able to see two plugins

1.3.15 - This one is used for Wordpress installations that are deployed on users own hosting.

1.3.20 - This one is used for Wordpress VIP websites, e.g. those that are hosted on Wordpress.com or any other partner service that doesn't allow FTP access to their users. You can find more about it here: http://vip.wordpress.com/

6. Click Install now for the plugin you need (in our case it's 1.3.15)

7. Pop up will appear saying: Are you sure you want to install this plugin? - Click OK

8. When the installation finishes, click Activate Plugin - and your Shoutem API plugin should be installed for your site

On the Shoutem administration panel:

1. Log in to the Shoutem app builder

2. In your apps list, open the app where you want to enable Shoutem API Wordpress plugin you just installed

3. Click CMS integrations in the Settings tab

4. Click Activate on the right (pop up window will be opened)

5. Enter URL of your Wordpress site with installed Shoutem API plugin and click Import

 6. You should be able to see all your feeds imported

7. On the left, go to the  Content tab; you can see all your Wordpress content under News.
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