What is an expedited review request and how can I ask for one ?

Every app that will be published in the iTunes store has to go through the Apple review process. This can take up to 2-3 days or longer in some cases.

Due to the fact that some app releases are date sensitive, or their updates are required to fix some critical bugs, Apple has enabled their users to ask for an expedited review. 

The apps that are granted the expedited review go through the review process a lot faster and are prioritized by the Apple review team.

If you have an app that fits the description in the top, this is how you can ask for an expedited review :

Request expedited process

Before you request this, you will need to get the Apple ID of the app you're gonna request the expedited review for.

1) Log in to the iTunes Connect with your iOS developer account credentials  here.
2) Click the My Apps icon


Here you can see the list of your apps published through the Apple store.
3) Click on the app you want to put through this process.
4) Within the App Information tab, that is opened by default, there should be a General Information section. One of the parameters there should be the Apple ID (image below). Copy this as we will need it later.


5) Now that we have the required information, you can go and fill out the expedited review request form. You can open this by clicking here
6) Set the topic to: requested an expedited app review
7) Fill out the contact information with the required info.
8) Next, we need to set the App information form. You need to enter the Name of the app, Apple ID          (which we copied beforehand) and related apps IDs.
If you have more apps that are related to your app and also need an expedited review, add their Apple IDs there.
9) Also, set your app's platform to iOS.

The last and the most important thing left to do is to provide Apple with the description. Select the reason and provide an extensive description of why you need the expedited review.

It's very important that you make a valid case while writing the description. Apple will reject your expedited review request if they find your description sketchy or non-informative.

If you have any additional questions regarding this, feel free to contact us.

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