How do app updates work?

Updates to your Shoutem app fall under two categories, binary (app file) and server- based.

Binary (App File) Updates

The following changes to your app require a complete republish to the app stores to replace the app file or app version:

  • App Icon
  • Launch Image
  • App Name
  • App Title (iOS only)
  • Keywords (iOS only)
  • Screenshots (iOS only)
  • Adding Push Notification module after initial publish
  • Adding radio or Audio podcasts after initial publish in order to allow for background playing
  • Adding Facebook integration for Log In feature after initial publish

These changes may also require that you email us the change, as some elements are locked post-publish to avoid confusion about this republish process. 
Feel free to inform us of these changes, we can update these changes in the builder, and resubmit the app to the stores on your behalf.

Users will see this as a store-based update, or a new app version.

Server Updates

Server-based updates don't require a new app file submission and will be seen by users after a Republish and manual app restart on their end after 15-30 minutes.

Examples of server-based changes include:

  • Module addition
  • Module icon changes
  • Module positioning changes
  • Any Design Phone/Android image change (except App Icon and Launch image)
  • Content updates


To sum it up, if it isn't on the binary list of above, it can be updated to the live app without a resubmission.

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