Website module

Our Web module lets you bring in existing web-pages via URL to display in your app.

Some common uses of this module include web-based e-commerce solutions, forms for gathering data or pages that are absolutely essential to your app's purpose.

The URL added through this module, will be opened inside of an app, using our own "child browser". Think of it as a wrapper for the webpage, used to deliver the same content, in-app.

Once added to the design screen, web module has a couple of options you can choose between :

Show navigation toolbar - Controls the option of having a navigation toolbar inside of a child browser
Open in external browser - Forces the link to open in the user's default web browser, instead of using the child browser option, that is enabled by default.

As a note, Apple tends to reject apps that rely heavily on this feature as they prefer apps that are different than a traditional web-browsing experience. We recommend using this module sparingly to avoid this scenario. Here's an example of the website module being opened inside of a child browser :

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