Facebook integration part I. (Creating a Facebook App)

In order to allow your users to Sign in to your application with their Facebook accounts, you will need to set up your  Facebook integration  first. The first step of this configuration is setting up the Facebook connector application, which you should do before publishing your Shoutem app.

Setting up the Facebook app - Part I.

First of all, login to your Facebook account. Once you are logged in, open the Facebook Developers website:  https://developers.facebook.com/

After clicking on the Create App button (as seen on the screenshot above), you'll get a popup asking you to add your app name and your contact email. 

After you click on the Create app ID button, you will get a security checkup popup that requires you to enter a captcha that is shown. If you are unable to see what it says, you can always choose the option saying: Try another captcha. 

Then you will see the following screen where you need to select a feature you need to use in the app. Select the Integrate Facebook Login and Confirm.
If not opened already, click on the Settings -> Basic button from the menu on the left to see the following screen where you need to populate the marked pieces of information,

You can now copy the Facebook ID and App Secret.
Open your app in the builder, go to Settings -> Sharing settings -> Facebook and paste copied ID and Secret number.  
Here is the example of it:

Take note that the keys used in this example are only the test ones, and you will need to enter your own inside your interface.

After you have set up the integration keys, click on the  Save button on the bottom.

Next step is entering data from the app builder inside the Facebook app that we just created, covered in Part II. of this walkthrough.

Setting up the Facebook app - Part II.

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