Getting started with setting up Facebook integration

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To ease up Facebook Integration process, we've created new support article covering flow how to get started with Facebook integration and how to finish it successfully.

It is best to finish Facebook integration Step 1 and Step 2 before the application is published to the store(s).
In order to guide you through setting up Facebook integration, we have prepared a little questionnaire.

Is your application already live in stores?

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YES, my app is already live in stores  
NO, my app still isn't live in stores 


Help! I have encountered some problem

Below is the list of most common questions related to Facebook integration.

1. Is Facebook integration necessary? Do I have to use and set-up Facebook in my app?

No, Facebook integration isn't mandatory.  

2. Am I required to complete all three required steps for Facebook integration?

If you want to use Facebook login then you will need to complete steps 1 and 2, and if you want to share posts from your application to the Facebook timeline, you will need to complete step 3, too.

3. Is Facebook sharing an option?

No, Facebook sharing is not an option, meaning - you can't share your content to your Facebook wall.

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