Step 4: Testing and Publishing

Get your app to the masses

Now that your content is in, and your design elements are added, it's time to test and finish your app.  
Testing your app
Before publishing your app, it's important to thoroughly test the content and design you've added. To aid you in this process, Shoutem offers a mobile test-bed -  Mobilizer. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can download them on the links below:

After downloading and installing Mobilizer on your device, start the app and log in with your Shoutem account credentials. If you haven't signed up for your account yet, you may do so here.

Publish Info

The Publish info tab is where you enter the information necessary to publish your app with the iTunes and Google Play stores. It's critical to have the Developer info  section below as complete as possible, to ensure timely delivery during the publishing process.

  • App Name - This is the name of your app ass it appears under your "App Icon" on the device home screen. This name is limited to 12 characters, as any additional characters cause the app name to truncate, or add ellipses (...).
  • App Title - This is the name of your app as it appears in the stores. Google Play (Android) only allows 30 characters in the store title.
  • Description - The description should serve two purposes, to explain the purpose of your app, as well as detail the features you've included in the app. A paragraph on each is recommended.
  • Screenshots - Screenshots of your application that will be visible in the iTunes store
  • Keywords - Keyphrases users can search for when they're looking for your app in the stores.

Under Android tab in   Publish info you will need to add also this information

  • Feature graphicThe feature graphic is displayed at the top of your Store Listing page in the Play Store app, dimensions: 1024px by 500px
  • Short description  This is the first descriptive text potential users will see when looking at your app’s Store Listing from the Play Store app. The Short Description field is limited to 80 characters, though tapping the text will reveal your app’s Full Description
  •  Full description - Long and full description of your app

Developer accounts

To allow your app in their stores, Apple and Google Play require that app-builders have developer accounts to make the publishing process official.

App Store/iOS

A paid iOS Developer account is required by Apple to release your app in the iTunes store. ShoutEm is unable to provide an account for you. This is a $99/year service. Sign up here if you intend on publishing to the iTunes store. We recommend that you acquire a business-based account since Apple has started to require such an account for any business-related app.


Google Play / Android

Unlike the iOS developer situation, you can utilize Shoutem's Google Play account, but it will be under Shoutem Inc. Select the following to release under our account.

A paid Google Play developer account is necessary if you wish to release your app in the Play store under your own nameSign up here if you wish to have your Android app under your name, and add Shoutem to your Google Play account  as an admin.

App price

You are welcome to charge whatever you'd like for your app in the stores. We give you the option to set a price before you initiate the publishing process. All paid app transactions are between yourself and the store, and Shoutem takes no percentage of this income.

All paid apps require contractual agreements with Apple and Google Play, as well as the exchange of bank account information. Be prepared to provide this information before they allow your paid app in the stores. As a note, you can't begin with a free app and move it to a paid app later. All paid apps must start paid.

Just a note - Privacy Policy URL is a required field, and you can create it for free via this service
-> and host via their service, or preferably via your website.
Support URL is also something we highly suggest you have and that can be a link to your website, or somewhere where users can go and contact you.

You're Ready to Publish!

If you're confident in your final product, it's time to get the app to Shoutem so we can build and test your app. You can initiate this process by selecting the yellow Publish button.

If you're already signed up, you'll be brought to the payment page. If not, you'll be given the option to associate your latest app creation with your new account. After you've entered your email address and new password, you'll be able to continue with the publishing process as well.

If you have any questions in the future, feel free to contact us.


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