How can I test my app?

For users who don't have an iOS or Android device to test with the Mobilizer app, we've added the live app preview capabilities inside our Shoutem app builder. This preview provides almost the same app experience as the one that you will see on your device.

First, you need to log in to your app builder and open the app that you want to preview. After logging in, please click on the Design Smartphone button shown on this image:


On the next screen, among other options that allow you to select home screen layouts, and design your main menu, you can see the live HTML5 app preview. It is visible on this screen:

In the HTML5 preview, mouse clicks replace taps and click and drags replace swipes:

Now you're free to test your app as you'd see it in the HTML5 app version. However, some features that use device capabilities are not accessible inside the live preview: QR code reader, radio streaming and camera/picture uploads.


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