Can I charge for my app in the Google Play store?

When creating your app, you have the choice to make your app free or charge a fee. You can set this under the Publish Info tab in the builder, for each platform separately.


You have two developer account options with Shoutem when publishing to Google Play:

1. Publish using Shoutem's developer account, with the app under Shoutem's name

All apps released through Shoutem's Google Play account must be free of charge, and you're unable to select anything but Free in the Application Price dropdown if you've selected Publish the app under Shoutem developer account .


The reason for this is that Google requires personal/company financial or bank account information to transact or deliver your payment from this per-app charge.

2. Publish using your own developer account, with the app under your name/company's name

To charge for your app, you'll need to create a paid Google Play developer account here if you haven't yet:

When this process is complete, you must invite Shoutem as an administrator for your developer account.

After this complete, select I have my own developer account, and you'll have the option to choose your pricing in the dropdown.


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