What domain settings do I need to change to set up my HTML5 app?

For users to be able to save your HTML5 app version to their device, you must first provide Shoutem with a subdomain that we can use to point to your app. Since there are many different domain providers, we suggest checking the list of providers  in this article to find if we have a step by step example for the one that you are using. If you can't find the example for the  domain provider you are currently using, drop us an e-mail using this form and we will do our best to help you and add the guide for it as well.

In order to set the redirection correctly on your domain, you want to find  DNS settings under your web domain account. DNS settings are separated into a few categories, including A Record and CNAME values. We'll be working with CNAME for set this up.

Adding A CNAME Value

First, you need to find your domain's DNS area. This can be labeled as: DNS Settings, DNS Control, DNS Manager, Advanced Zone Control or something similar. If you can't find something like this, please check the list of instructions for specific domain providers below.

When you find DNS settings, select the Add New Record or a similar option depending on your domain provider You'll want to assign the following CNAME values in your DNS settings:
  • Name (subdomain) - Whether it's app.yoursite.com, m.yoursite.com or whichever subdomain you've chosen, you'll need to add that subdomain in this area.
  • Points to / Hostname / Alias / Destination / Record Value - Point your subdomain to: apps.shoutem.com
  • TTL Value - Not all control panels have this. If you do, leave this value at its default. No need to change this.
Once these values are entered, confirm these settings by selecting "Save", "OK" or "Submit" depending on your provider.

If you can see only the  A type redirection, you are probably in the wrong place. A redirections are used to redirect to a static IP address, instead of a dynamic address like the one that we use.

After you set this up, please wait up to 48 hours to give the DNS server of your domain provider enough time to refresh itself and process the change.

Step by step guides for specific domain backends

If you have a website hosted with some web hosting company or only a domain bought for the purpose of hosting your HTML5 app, it is probable that your domain provider uses one of the control panels depicted here. If they are, feel free to check the step by step instructions that we prepared for you:

I read all of this, but can't seem to do it. What now?

Shoutem understands that domain changes or additions can be a confusing process, especially since the wording can be a bit different from case to case based on the provider that you are using. We are doing our best to cover all of them, but it is possible that yours isn't on the list. In this case, feel free to  contact us and we will do our best to help you out.

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