How long will it take for my app to appear in the App Store/Google Play Store?

We have our own submission process, which can take anywhere from 7-10 days, but we usually try to submit the apps faster than that if possible. 

Once the app is submitted, the Android app version is typically reviewed and accepted the day this is submitted, however, the process with Apple can take a bit longer, typically within 2-3 days. During the entirety of this process, Shoutem is unable to guarantee or provide a release date for your app, but we're happy to help should any questions arise from the Apple/Google reviewers. You'll find a piece of detailed information on this process below.

Apple App Store:

Apple's app review process can take anywhere from 1-12 days. If the timing of your app release is a concern, Apple offers an expedited app review, which you can request by logging in to the iTunes Connect.
After you logged in, you need to click on the Contact us button inside iTunes Connect.

After the Contact form interface opens, you need to select the following.

Topic 1: App review
Topic 2: Request Expedited review

After this, you should see a link called Request an Expedited App review

We recommend making sure your app as a complete as possible, including your Design, Publish Info and Content elements.  Apple provides key information on their review process as part of there App Store Review Guidelines .

Google Play:

Google's app review process is usually faster, and the app is in the store within 24 hours of submission, in most cases.


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