How do I set-up my white-label Agency dashboard?

If you are interested in setting up your white-label Agency dashboard, please check the custom domain settings article first, as it is a prerequisite for setting up your agency domain inside our app builder correctly.

Setting up Custom Domains for your agency account

First, log in to your Shoutem builder, then tap on caret icon next to your e-mail address in the upper right corner. Then click on (1) My account. Afterward, go to (2) Manage your agency, and then click on (3) Agency info

As explained in the article mentioned above, you will need to set-up two subdomains, one used for your white-label agency, other used for your white-label HTML5 application preview links.

In our examples, we've used the dashboard as a subdomain for a white-label dashboard, and preview as the subdomain for white-label HTML5 application preview links.

Make sure that entered subdomains match subdomains that you've created in your Domain name provider/registrar dashboard. 

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