How to promote your app

Here are a few ways you can promote your app.

Set the custom page in sharing settings

The custom page can have a link to the App Store and Google Play downloads.

Users can also create custom store badges for those links:

  • by generating a Google Play badge on the website here,
  • by generating an App Store badge on the website here.

Use the App Popup Script

App Popup Script is a tool that creates a popup on your website with your custom message informing your mobile visitors that

there is an app for that website. Simply type in your message and get your code which you will add to your site.

Use the Smart App Banner

This is a feature that Apple automatically provides for all published applications. If you turn it on, your users will get a popup when they visit your
HTML5 app if your iPhone application is already published. 

Use the Embeddable Widget

Simply paste the embeddable code on your website to show a preview of your app.


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