How do I set up my HTML5 app?

If you are interested in setting up your HTML5 app inside our app builder, please check the custom domain settings article first, as it is a prerequisite for setting up your custom domain inside our app build correctly.

Setting up Custom Domain for your app

Log in to your ShoutEm app builder and go to  Settings -> Publish info -> HTML5.

Here you'll see the HTML5 setup page as you'd view it before publishing your app. It consists of three settings:

HTML5 Domain -  You need to enter your custom domain inside this field. This can be something as or Until you set this up, the generic link below will be used to access your Mobile Web app. 

NOTE - for resellers: The generic link isn't visible on your accounts, because it would defeat the purpose of being white labeled. You need to set up a custom domain in order for your HTML5 app to work.

Analytics code - This is the custom analytics code from Google Analytics that can be added in order to track the number of users for your application. This field is optional, and it is not mandatory to complete the HTML5 app setup. If you want to see more about setting up this feature, please check this article.

Use Smart App Banner in HTML5 App - This is a feature that Apple automatically provides for all published applications. If you turn it on, your users will get a popup when they visit your HTML5 app if your iPhone application is already published (Advanced and Unlimited users only).
After you have entered those changes, click on the Save button

If your app has not been published yet, these changes will be available from the moment of the app publishing. In case you have already published your app, you need to click on the  Republish button in the top right corner.

Your HTML5 app version or its generic preview link is  not available before you publish it! If you want to test your app before publishing, please either use the Preview feature inside the app builder that can be found under the  Design tab  or the iOS Mobilizer app or the Android Mobilizer app.

After you publish your application, this section gets another field, called the Embed code that allows you to redirect users who visit your desktop website on their mobile device to your new HTML5 app version.

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