Step 2: Adding content

Regardless of the purpose or design of your app, there is one saying that is true for all web and mobile apps, and that is:  Content is King. Without quality content that can attract and keep your users, your application will not be successful.

This article is intended to guide you through the process of adding content to Shoutem applications.

Adding content elements to your app

The first step of adding content to your app is visiting the Content section and activating the functionalities that you want. We need to click on the Content icon in the main menu:

After you access to the content section, you need to click on the Add content button to start adding content to your app. After you click on the Add content button, you will get a dropdown menu with a list of different modules and categories that you can activate.

This dropdown menu shows all of our current features that you can activate for your application. Our app builder allows different ways of importing content:

  • Manually
  • RSS / XML

Ready to Design?

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