Where can I find my Android/Google Play download numbers?

Shoutem recently released a new module, available to all of our app users, where you can check a lot of your app statistics, including the download numbers. You can read more about it here.

The tutorial below will show you how to find the download numbers, directly from your Google Play or Apple developer account.


If your app is under your own developer account...

To view your statistics/downloads, you'll first need to log in to your developer account here:


You can find your app under "All Applications" or if you have many apps you can use the search box at the top of the screen:


Once you've located your app, you'll see an option for Statistics:


This will bring up an analytics dashboard to the right. While you can view many different types of statistics, to find your you download statistics select "Total User Installs" for your total app download count:


You'll see this information displayed in two forms, installs over time (top graph) and installs by version (middle graph and pie chart), which you can use to monitor which OS versions are utilizing your app.

The top graph provides the most easily available display of overall download counts. You can choose incremental time periods: last month, 3m, 6m 1y and all, the last of which we suggest viewing for a cumulative total. If you hover all the way to the right, which displays the latest date, you'll see a box appear displaying total downloads up until this point:


The other option would be to add the totals under "Your App" next to the pie chart option above, but the above method is the easiest.

If your app is under the ShoutEm developer account...

Although we offer the convenience of utilizing our developer account to publish your Android app version, we're unable to provide the detailed statistics mentioned above as part of this offering.

We can provide you monthly updates of your total download numbers by request at shoutem.com/contact.

If you're interested in your own Google Play analytics dashboard, we suggest setting up a developer account of your own and requesting an app transfer to that account:



First, log into your iTunes Connect interface, where you have all of your published apps, listed. You can do this from the link here .

Once there, select the app of interest, which will take you to the next screen, which contains a lot of useful analytics. Keep in mind that some of them are limited to users that have agreed to share their usage data with Apple reporting system.

For this case specifically, switch to the Metrics tab, and select the App Units category. App units will display each download on a device with iOS 8 or later. Switch the preferred time range, and you should get the piece of data that you're after. It should look similar to the screenshot below.
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