Step 1: Starting Out with Shoutem

New registrations on the v4 platform are no longer optional. 

Beginning the process for already registered v4 customers

Starting at the v4 Shoutem homepage, you're given the option to Create Your App Now or watch our introductory video.

After you click on the create your app button, You can utilize our app templates. Templates such as Music, Local and Businesses help you create your new app with the best features in mind. For this tutorial, we'll select "Start With Blank App".
ShoutEm Homepage

The Builder / Tabs

This brings you to the Shoutem app builder, which is where you'll find the tools, features and publishing elements that will help bring your app to completion. These elements are separated into tabs by the role they play in building your app, as you'll see here:

Design - Smartphone  - Create and assign your design elements here, such as app backgrounds, custom icons, and color schemes.

Content  T his is where you enable and work with the various content modules (ex: News, Photos, Video), by adding or creating content based on the purpose of the feature.

Settings - Here you can set various settings for your app. From 3rd party service integrations to publishing info, this module will provide further modification of your app.

Engage - Use this module to engage your app community. Track user activity, modify user accounts or send push notifications.

Live App Preview 

The app preview appears on the Design tab in the app builder and works as an accurate showcase of your app. This element lets you interact with the mobile web version of your application, and allows you to preview the work that you have done already. Your app background will appear here as well.

Some features are not available in the preview as they require some functionalities that are only present on mobile devices. They are: QR code reader, camera upload, radio streaming.

To see your app in a dynamic testing situation directly on your device, we provide our iOS  Mobilizer app for and Mobilizer for Android devices which is a test app that allows you to see changes in real-time. 



Content Modules 

Content is what drives your app and makes it a full and unique experience for the user. Content can be anything from traditional text-based (ex: News) or rich media (ex: Photos, Videos), to functions that help guide your user in their daily lives or make it easier to connect with what you're promoting (ex: Events, Places, Social Network).

- Which features are included in each pricing plan?

Learn more about our individual features here in the support portal.

CMS Integrations

From the Integrations section, that can be found under Settings -> CMS integrations, Shoutem offers official CMS integration with  Wordpress.

Ready to Add some content to your app?

Continue to Step 2: Adding Content

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