CSV importer feature (Unlimited plan required)

With the CSV (Comma-separated values) importer you can bulk upload a list of items to any module that supports manual insertion of data. For example, you can upload CSV lists of books, events, people, and even news items.

To start using the CSV importer, activate the chosen module. In this example, we will show an import of a list of conference speakers in the People module.

You can open the People editor and see which fields it supports; First Name, Last Name, Title etc. You will be using the same fields in your CSV without the need to edit each item separately with the People editor.

First, prepare your list of speakers. You can edit a CSV file directly in a text editor, or you can use a spreadsheet editing software like Google Docs or Microsoft Excel. Just create a spreadsheet that holds all the information about your speakers like in the following screenshot. Have in mind that the first

line in each column holds a descriptive name of that column. For example first_name, email, phone etc. You can use any of the fields available in the People editor.

If you want to use fields that are not available in the editor, please contact us for a custom quote

Export the spreadsheet and select the CSV file format. Save this file in an easily accessible folder on your computer. Entries from this file you will be bulk importing with the CSV importer to your app.

In the content section of the app builder, click Add content and select People

For the bulk upload, click the Import button.

This button will open a popup dialog which will let you choose the desired import source. Several different sources can be displayed here, depending on your app configuration. Select Comma-separated values

Now browse your computer and upload the CSV file you have previously created:

You can host this CSV file on your server and paste the link to the file. 

If you plan to make frequent changes to your data and you want to make it directly in the CSV file rather then using People editor in the app builder, keep the file on your server. Shoutem will be fetching your changes to the file and sync the data with the list in your app based on the frequency you choose. Select the frequency of the sync and click Next.

On the next screen you will be able to match fields in your file with fields available in the People module:

You can leave out any module field for which you do not have a pair in your file. When you click Next, the import will start. This can take from several minutes up to ten or even more minutes, depending on the server load. You can check the status of your import at any time. To see the status click the clock icon near the import source:

Once your file is imported, you will see the list of the people you imported using the CSV importer right there in the People module as if you have added the list manually. 

Note that you can also edit any of the items manually. 
Now you are ready to put the shortcut to your Speakers list on the app's home screen. Go to "Design" section and select the list and drag it to your app home screen.

Your CSV list of speakers is now in your app:


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