How many apps are included in my subscription?

This pricing page is referring to our v4 Shoutem platform where new registrations are no longer optional. The reason is shared here in our support article.

Shoutem offers two pricing opportunities, individual app pricing, and our Agency (reseller) program.

Individual pricing plans

Our individual app subscriptions allow you to create one app per pricing plan. 

Our Basic plan provides you with a web-based HTML5 app version.

The Advanced plan and above include both iOS and Android-based versions.

All subscription plans include updates to the app for the lifetime of your subscription, at no extra cost.

You can view our current individual app pricing plans here -> Pricing

Agency program

Our Agency program, which offers discounted pricing for bulk app resellers, allows you to pay a flat fee to create multiple apps. Each plan receives a set amount of apps and a discounted price for each app beyond that number.

You can view our current Agency program pricing here -> Agency program

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