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Last Updated: Jun 23, 2016 11:38AM CEST
In case you are already running a newsletter service with ConstantContact provider, you can easily allow your app users to subscribe to the preferred list with the same Service, and keep all of the emails in the same place. Here's a short tutorial on how to set this up :


Configuration options for newsletter providers are available under the Settings -> Newsletter tab. Once you are in there, first activate the newsletter module, by clicking on the Activate button.
Now we'll need to insert a couple of parameters, depending on your ConstantContact settings, and the preferred mailing list.


Constant Contact parameters setup


Here, we will need to set up a few things in regards to your popup message frequency, as well as technical data from the side of the ConstantContact service.

The process of obtaining your API key for the ConstantContact service is a bit more complicated than usual, as it involves another service. This process is described additionally here : , but we'll provide a more simplified version, that will allow you to tie in your mailing list.

1. Sign up for the Mashery service here , or if you have an account, log in here .
2. Once you are logged in, go to this section
3. In there, click on Create new Application
4. Leave the default values checked, and enter any optional data you may want
5. Once you register the app, you should be taken to a screen like the one below, where your API key is visible. Enter this same key into the Shoutem backend interface.

Username - Your ConstantContact username
PasswordYour ConstantContact username

Mailing list ID

This represents the unique ID of the mailing list, that you want to use to collect emails from your mobile app. 

1. Go to the Mashery interface here
2. Click on Get Access token button

3. Click on "I already have an account", and accept the permission prompt on the next page
4. Copy the generated access token.
5. Once this is done, copy the granted token into the required field, and scroll down the page, until you can see the ContactList Methods section
6. Click on "Retrieve a collection of ContactList", and click the "Try it" button. This will return the data in regards to your ConstantContact mailing list. Then, from the list of results, find the needed Mailing List, and copy the Mailing list ID from the results. This ID needs to be entered within the Shoutem's backend.

After this is complete, there should only be a few things left to set up :

Show subscribe popup - Timing of initial subscription popup
Remind users to subscribe - How often do you want to ask users to subscribe, if they didn't already
Subscribe popup title - Title of your popup window, prompting for subscription
Subscribe popup message - Message that will be displayed to user, within subscribe window
Confirmation message - Message displayed after successful signup

After you've set all of this up, it is a good idea to test if everything works, within the app builder app preview. Seeing as this is a slightly complicated process, feel free to reach back to our support team at , who would be happy to help with the process.

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