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Last Updated: Jun 23, 2016 11:47AM CEST
To take advantage of Twitter's API, and allow your users to log in with their Twitter accounts and exchange information between their accounts and your app, you'll need to complete the API integration process under the Settings -> Sharing settings -> Twitter tab in the ShoutEm builder.

Setting up your app on

First, navigate to and sign in with your Twitter account credentials, if haven't already.


You'll arrive on a page which displays apps you've created for the purpose of communicating between an outside source and Twitter. If you don't have any applications set up, click on the Create New App button in the top right corner.

If you already have an app that was used for some of our older app versions, click on it and check if all settings are ok. You should be able to use the same app for twitter integration with ShoutEm without any issues.

Clicking on the Create a new application button will land you on the "Application Details" page, where you'll enter information about your app and website. There you need to enter the next data:
  • Name - Enter the name of your mobile application as you've named it on ShoutEm.
  • Description - A short description of your app, which will appear when users authorize their Twitter accounts through your app.
  • Website - The website where your users can find more information on your app, yourself or your company. It can also be a link to your Facebook profile or the Download URL for the app.
  • Callback URL - This URL should always be:

For our Agency / White Label customers, this setting doesn't not display ShoutEm branding anywhere or affect your branding, rather allows your app to communicate with Twitter. However, if you want your customers to be able to create their own Twitter integrations, it is possible to create a CNAME redirection from your own twitter callback link that will be used for forwarding this data to ShoutEm. You can read more about CNAME redirections here.

Here is the example of correctly entered information under the Application Details section:

After this step, scroll down and read Twitter's Developer agreement. Check "Yes, I agree" after you've verified these terms.
If everything is correct, the next screen will display your new Twitter app.


The next step in the process is to visit the Settings tab, where you can add an avatar / image for your app.

Although optional, to further brand your app shares and to help confirm with your user that it's your app they're working with, we suggest adding a thumbnail or avatar under Application Icon.

To allow your app the proper permissions to exchange information and behaviour, you'll need to ensure the following settings are present, which they should be by default:

Callback URL is set to:
- Activated: Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter
- Deactivated: Enable Callback Locking



Please make sure that your app is set to Read & Write, as it in the attached screenshot. It should be by default.

Api keys

Once you've set your Access rights, and your app icon, we need to copy the integration keys to the ShoutEm app builder. First go to the API keys tab, and copy keys visible in this screenshot, called Api key and Api secret to the Settings -> Sharing settings -> Twitter section of the app builder.

Note: The above are examples for the sake of this guide. Your key and secret will be different.

Integrating your Key and Secret inside the App Builder

Go back to your app inside the app builder at, and open Settings -> Sharing Settings and select Twitter tab in the top menu. Select the Twitter tab on the left. This is where you'll enter your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

You can now also add a message that will be appended to twitter shares from your app, visible on the screenshot below.

Save your twitter keys, and the Twitter API integration process is complete! If your application is currently published, you will need to Re-publish the application by using the Republish button in the top right  corner.

Hope this helps you bring in social engagement with your Twitter users!


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