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Facebook integration part III. (app submission)

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2016 12:37PM CEST

After we have set up the Facebook app and our integrations in steps:

Facebook integration part I.
Facebook integration part II.

the last thing we need to do is populate the rest of the app details, and submit it for Facebook review. This submission will allow the following:

- Sharing our posts from the app to our Facebook profile
- App will be visible on the Facebook app center

Listing your app on the Facebook app center could mean a big boost in your user count, and this is one of the things that we certainly suggest you to do.


Facebook integration part III.

Click on the Settings section in the left menu of your Facebook app settings.

Inside this section you need to enter the following:

- Privacy Policy URL
- Terms of Service URL
- Contact Email should be populated from previous step
- Big app icon (1024x1024)

We will explain these in the following section.

Privacy policy URL: Needs to specify that data collected through this method will not be used for any other purposes then logging in and sharing data. This needs to point to a valid Privacy policy or your app will not pass review!

You can check one of the privacy policy generators online:

Privacy policy generators - Google search

Terms of service: Terms of service for using your app.  This needs to point to a valid Terms of service or your app will not pass review!

Icon: Icon that represents your Facebook application

Activating your Facebook app

The last step that we need to take is to activate your Facebook app. To do so, please click on the App Review button in the left menu, and switch the button that you want your app available to the general public.

After doing so, click on the Start a submission button, under Submit items for approval section.

On the next screen select only the following permission: publish_actions.


Click on the Add 1 items button to proceed.

On the next screen, click on "Edit notes" button, located right to the "Publish_actions" label.

Here, we need to provide the Facebook review team with the specific steps on how to log into your app AND steps how to share something from your app to the Facebook timeline.

The best use case scenario to describe here is the process of checking into a place, and sharing this check-in to Facebook.

You can use the following template:

Detailed instructions: 

1. Click on Profile icon in app
2. Click on Facebook button
3. Accept login permissions
4. Return back to home screen
5. Click on the Social Network button (this may be called differently in your app)
6. Click on the Check-in
7. Select a location from the list 
8. Add a comment
9. Tap the little Facebook icon in the bottom right
10. Accept sharing permissions
11. Hit Send

Expected result: You are logged-in to app with Facebook profile, and your test check-in or status update is shared to your Facebook profile.

You will also need to check all checkboxes confirming that your app is compliant with Facebook policies.

More importantly, you will need to record and upload a Screencast video, clearly showing all steps mentioned above, as well as published post on your Facebook timeline. 

You can see an example of this below :

Provide app binaries

Furthermore, we need to submit app binaries that will be used when testing your app.

You can do it by clicking on "Edit notes" button, right to the "App verification" label.
You will need to upload application binaries both for Android and iPhone apps, by clicking on Upload Android app and Upload iOS app, respectively.

In case your app is already live inside both of the stores, you can use the option of downloading the app from the store. 

In case your app is not yet published inside the stores, please contact our support team, who will guide you through rest of Facebook integration.


If you haven't been able to complete this integration procedure, try to check if you have followed this example step by step. If you need any help or have any questions about it, feel free to contact us.

We are aware that this may seem like a lengthy process, but because of the way that we interact with Facebook and some changes that they did on their side, this has become mandatory for anyone that wants to use Facebook integration in their apps.

We hope that this tutorial will help you more easily Engage your users that use Social Networking as one of your core features.

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