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Last Updated: Jun 23, 2016 01:07PM CEST
Newsletter integration allows application creators to collect emails from their users. Those E-mails are not stored in our backend. Instead, we store emails using one of the available third party newsletter providers, such as Mailchimp. Here's how you can collect users to your Mailchimp lists, through the Shoutem app.

To integrate your MailChimp mailing list inside your ShoutEm app, we need to cover these few simple steps that cover Creating a valid list of subscribers, copying the needed data and setting it up in our app builder.

Mailchimp dashboard settings

First, we need to log in to our MailChimp account at:

After this, we need to create a list of subscribers that we want to add to our MailChimp application. To do this, we need to select the list button from the left menu, then click on the Create list in the top right corner.

After we have created our first mailing list, we need to populate some fields tied to the list itself. These fields are:
  • List Name
  • Default from name - This will be the name of the Sender
  • Default reply to address - The address where replies from people that get your mailing list will go to. This should usually be your e-mail address
  • Default Subject (Optional) - This is the Subject of the Mailing List. You don't need to enter it if the content changes regularly
  • Remind people how they got on your list - A short message to your users to know why they are getting e-mails from your mailing list
  • Your Address data
  • Phone (Optional)
  • Notifications - Choose the notifications that you as the list owner want to get from your mailing list
  • E-mail format - If you check this your users will be able to switch from HTML format to Plain Text. If left unchecked, HTML is the default format for your lists.
When you populate all of the requested fields and create your mailing list, you need to click on the list name.

Click on the Settings in the top menu, and choose the option: List fields and *|MERGE|* tags

If you are using a list for this integration that is not used for any other purpose, we suggest you to remove all fields except the e-mail one. The reason is simple. ShoutEm applications only show the e-mail field inside the Newsletter popup on the application start, and sometimes there can be some issues if created list has fields that are not populated, even if those fields are not set as mandatory.

If you are using a list for this integration that you have used before for some other purpose, make sure that only the e-mail field is mandatory or your Newsletter will not work inside the app or will throw errors. We strongly suggest you to create a new list for the app, to avoid issues like these.

The last step in the MailChimp interface is to obtain the Mailing List ID and the MailChimp integration key.

Mailing List ID: You can do this after you complete the step above by clicking on Settings -> List Name and defaults from the top menu.

MailChimp API key: In order to obtain the key, you need to click on your account name -> Account settings -> Extras -> API Keys. When this page opens, click on Create an API key. When your API key is created, copy it.

If you are interested on more details about working with MailChimp or how to create a MailChimp mailing campaign, you can read more about it on Mailchimp Support Center.

ShoutEm App Builder settings

To setup MailChimp integration inside our app builder, you need to open your app and go to Settings -> Newsletter and click on the Activate button. After the Newsletter integration is reactivated, we need to set up the form like this:

Provider: MailChimp
API Key: You need to copy this from MailChimp dashboard, like it was described top.
Mailing list ID: You need to copy this from MailChimp dashboard, like it was described top.

You can set the rest of the setting to suit your purpose. After you are done, click on the Save button, and if the app is published, click on the Re-publish button in the top right corner. You can see how the integration should look like if set up correctly.

Our server takes around 10-15 minutes to refresh those settings, and after your users restart their apps they will see your Newsletter and will be able to Sign up for it.

If you have any more questions about the process or your found any step of this walkthrough confusing, feel free to drop us an e-mail by using our contact form and we will gladly help you through the procedure.



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