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Facebook integration part II. (Setting up integrations)

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2016 11:06AM CEST
Please before we continue, check if you have done everything from the Facebook Integration part I. article as that is a prerequisite for following this one.

Facebook integration part II.

In Facebook developer dashboard, please click on the Settings button in the left menu. This will allow us to set up basic settings for your Facebook application like its Display Name and add new integration platforms.


Do not modify any options from Advanced settings. Options available under Basic are enough for successful and working Facebook integration.

Setting up integration platforms

We will need to set up several fields tied to how we integrate with the application. These are:
  • iOS application
  • Android application
To do so, click on the Add platform button in the Settings section.

After you click on the Add Platform button, you need to click on the iOS and Android buttons.

iOS app settings

You can see that we need to set up several fields here. However, iOS settings can only be completely set up after your iPhone app is published in the store. In case it is not published yet, you can always do this step later on.

Bundle ID - You need to copy this field from the Settings -> Sharing settings -> Facebook in our app builder. 
iPhone store ID - The ID of your app in the iTunes store. When your app is published to the Appstore, Apple will send you a link to your app, like this:

The iPhone store ID for this app is: 506053861

You should use the same method to get the ID of your application. If you are not sure about the link to your iPhone application or the ID, you can contact us and we will provide you with this information.

iPad store ID - Same procedure as for iPhone store ID, however the iPad store ID is not mandatory. If you don't have an iPad specific app, leave it blank.
URL Scheme Suffix - Leave this field blank
Single Sign On - Yes
Deep Linking - No
Automatically Log App Events for In-App Purchases on iOS - No

After you are finished, you should get something like this:


Package Name - You need to copy this field from the Settings -> Sharing settings -> Facebook in our app builder. 
Class Name - Class name is the same as the Package name with .HomeActivity suffix added
Key Hashes - S2UhMwM5KkxW9TUFxqbMiBojhMo=
Single Sign on: On
Amazon Appstore URL: Leave this blank. (We currently don't support Amazon Appstore)
Deep Linking: Off

After you are finished, you should get something like this:


You will also need to populate Contact Email field at the top of the page. This email address will be used for the App review emails for this app, covered in part III.

Successful completion of this step will allow users to Login to application using their Facebook profiles. 

In order to allow users to share content from application to their Facebook profiles (such as from social Wall), we'll need to populate the rest of the app details and submit the Facebook app for review.

You can read more about this process in the following article: Facebook integration part III.

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