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Creating a White labeled Twitter callback URL

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2013 09:30PM CET
One of the great things about making mobile apps, is the ability to integrate with outside sources like Facebook or Twitter. While this is a very easy task for normal users that can follow our step by step guideline on the support center, Agency owners usually want to white label everything about their apps, including connections like these.

Before we start, please read this article which will explain the usual Twitter app setup process to you:

Now that you have more info about what this article is about, you probably noticed that during the Twitter application setup process, your users need to enter a field called Callback URL that points to ShoutEm website. This article will help you white label that URL aswell.


Creating a custom twitter callback URL

Requirement: Access to the domain control panel for your domain / website

1. First you need to log in to your website domain control panel, and search for a section called redirections or redirects.

2. Set up a permanent redirect (301) that will point a specific URL from your domain towards our Twitter callback. Please note that redirect has to be a Permanent type, or this will not work. End result should look like this:

Tu summarize, these are the settings that you need to use:

Type: Permanent (301)
www: Choose your website, then enter a URL behind it that will be used. We added twitter_callback to make this easier to understand, as this is the link used in ShoutEm's original callback URL.
redirects to: Enter ->

In case your provider gives you the ability to choose the type of redirection, choose Redirect with or without www

Wild Card Redirect
is best left disabled.

After you set everything up like in the screenshot, click on the add button. Your redirection should be activated in a short amount of time. Permanent redirects, unlike CNAME redirections used for setting up your HTML5 apps or the agency dashboard don't need a lot of time to propagate and become active.

After you have set up your custom Twitter callback URL, you can give that one to your users when they set up their Twitter apps.

In case you have some questions about the process, or some things that you don't seem to understand, please send us an e-mail to and we will gladly help you with it.

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